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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My greatest accomplishment

Like most mothers, I'm a wee bit prejiduce when it comes to my son
He is my greatest joy, love and accomplishment
His name is Brian and he is a "first year" student in college
His hopes, dreams and aspirations
are amazing for someone so young
And he is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Being an only child (and not by choice) it was
very hard to let him go when it was time for college.
Lucky for me he did not go far.
We searched up to seven hours from home
but in the end he fell in love with Hobart College
on Seneca Lake, about 45 minutes from home
He's far enough away that I don't drop in
But close enough if we have an emergency or
he decides to pop home for a short visit.
It's hard to believe that his school year is over in ten days
and he'll be home for the summer.
I'm sure there will be many days that we will both hate it, the "rules of the house",
rolling of the eyes, messy rooms and checking in at nighttime
But all in all I truly cannot wait for him to be home
So we will all enjoy these last few days apart,
then it's back to one happy family unit.
God help us!

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