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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I miss our snow!

While most people are hunkering down for the winter and creating art and snuggling at night with a cup of cocoa (or Irish coffee), I am in a constant state of flux and can't seem to settle down. Part of it was the lack of snow we have not been getting.

My niece lives in Baltimore and kept me total amused last week with a ton of pictures of the huge snowstorm that dropped in on them. There was even a foot or more of snow in Ocean City where her family lives. her dad was telling me how they were on flat roofs shoveling snow off because of roofs caving in.

Meanwhile in upstate (or Western) New York state where we are known for our storms, we had NOTHING. YES I MEAN NOTHING! A couple of 6"
or so on the ground but that isn't what we are used to and it was actually depressing.

I love watching the snow fall, it is so pretty. Rochester is pretty good at keeping up the roads and we are all used to driving in snow so to get half a foot of snow is no big deal, schools stay open, we still carry on our daily routines.

I just can't believe that I missed it. While the rest of the country was getting all the wild weather we were calm and serene with some sunny days. See, up north, we don't care how cold it is, if that sun is shining and you can lift your face to it (looking out a window of course) and feel the warmth then it is considered a beautiful day.

When I woke up this morning and my dog came in the house covered in a fine sheen of snow, I was actually happy as I toweled him dry.
Now I have to remember that feeling in an hour when I'm out on the roads and people start driving like idiots and it takes longer to get to work. I'll just hold onto the beauty of snow.......