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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not enough hours in the day for art.....

I wish I could spend all my time in my studio and
focus on the kind of art and jewelry that I really want to make.
I get sidetracked so easily (ADD or old age?) and I find myself not making
the type of jewelry that I sketch in my journal.
I really feel the need to be true to myself
and my passion lies in unusual pieces with
found objects.

So today, I will carve out some time to make Art or Jewelry
that reflects my personality
I will put aside my worries if only for a short time
and create.
BTW: I'll be posting the pics of the crocheted pendants that
I've been cranking out. Insomnia at Dad's is fueling
my need for repetitive motion and crocheted jewelry
is poring out of me! I think it's so soothing.

So have fun today and carve out a little time for your passion!

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