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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heaven on Earth

Here I sit in my favorite resort in Canada, The Glen House Resort in Gananaque, Ontario. I'm usually here during the summer when everything is green and lush, surrounded by beautiful flowers and landscaping.
This year Brian and I made a quick winter weekend getaway up here and it is so different, yet so soothing to be here.
The sun is just rising and there is a tiny patch of blue sky trying to peek through the clouds. The water on the 1000 Islands is grey blue and frozen in spots. The river ripples in beautiful shapes in between the ice.
It is spectacular to see and so very quiet that I'm thinking I may prefer winter up here, rather than the hustle bustle of summer.
We have one of the same rooms we always stay in, complete with fireplace, which we used quite a bit (despite my allergic reaction to the wood burning and smoke).
This place that I call "heaven on earth" helps to clear my head and keeps a constant smile on my face. I feel free of worry which is unusual for me. I feel alive and creative (the portable art easel is set up on the table with a work in progress). I hate to have to leave today but they only open the resort on weekends in winter, hence at 12noon Cinderella will turn back into her old life.
I only hope that this break has given me the strength and calmness that I can carry with me throughout the week ( I live week to week, it's less overwhelming that way).
So to my precious "Gan.", I say "Thank you for a weekend filled with love, peace, calm and creativity". I'll be back soon.
This has been a wonderful 36hour vacation. I've had precious time with my son, good food, a massage and best of all a spot away from all my worries and concerns.
That will come soon enough as we head home today.
For right now, I'm enjoying the moment of my Heaven on Earth.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Creative Weekend

This is my creative weekend and I'm loving it.
My girlfriend Lin and I are embarking on new techniques
including making fabric out of paper and ribbons.
I'll post pictures when we are done.
I always look forward to learning new techniques
Because then it is my time to fly and say "What if?"
So wish me luck and away I go
into my inner muse