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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seize the day, Live like you've been giving a second chance to do EVERYTHING you've always wanted to do

i'[[[[[[[[[]You always hear how we should live everyday
like it's our last but how often
do we really think about it,
much less do something about it?

My life has changed so much in the last year and
continues to change, that it is hard for me to
keep up with it all.

I was laid off due to the economy in
February 2009,and it took 7 months
to find a job that I now love
I lost my dad to cancer 16 weeks after
being laid off which was heartbreaking.
I am now single for the first time
in 30+ years and trying
to adjust to NOT spending the rest of my life
with the love of my life.

My dream home is up for sale
and constantly clean because we are showing it
(that is the upside to selling!).
And the last few weeks have been
heart wrenching because my aunt is
recovering from a surgery she doesn't remember
and her and my uncle are (for the time being) in
an adult home and all they want
to do is go to their own home,
but it's not possible
right now.

I keep wondering how many more "challenges"
God is going to send my way and how I
am going to handle them.

At first I freaked, everything was overwhelming
and I was in a contact panic over what
was going to happen to my son and I.
Where would we live? How would we live?
What would happen to my 100lb golden retriever,
Riley, who is my constant companion
when no apartments or town houses will
take a dog that big?

How would I handle losing one more thing
this year, in my life.

Well guess what?
The challenges of this past year
has made me a incredibly strong woman.
I won't let it overwhelm me or
paralyze me. Believe me, I still
have my moments of panic and anxiety
BUT I have learned to handle
one thing at a time and
trust in God that everything
will work out.

I've stopped worrying because it's
not going to do any good, only
harm my mental stability.

So I am trying to live every day
to the fullest. I wish I
could say that I'm living my day
as if it was my last, but