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Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Vacation. Something so wonderful and exciting. It is filled with anticipation prior to leaving counting down the days, making lists and checking them twice. Then, relaxation and happiness on your trip basking in the late nights, early mornings and delicious naps. Then it's back home and the beautiful memories that follow, long after everyday life absorbs you.

What is the most important thing to pack?
No, it's not clothes, jewelry, shoes or purses.
Not even sunscreen, makeup, medication or snacks.
It's your ART SUPPLIES of course!

This year our vacation was centered around my niece's wedding in Maryland last weekend. We love being with our family and decided to extend our trip to include extra time for my favorite thing, the beach. Since our family spans from Baltimore to Annapolis to Ocean City, we decided to spend a few extra nights in Ocean City, Md.

I found a great hotel with a balcony that had an ocean view, we packed our bathing suits, sunscreen and other essentials but there was the most important thing missing, MY ART SUPPLIES. We recently moved and my travel art supply kit was no where to be found. My garage is still filled with boxes that need unpacking so we did a quick look through all the boxes remotely resembling anything to do with my studio but could not find the red fold out case full of my treasured supplies.

Needless to say, this reeked major havoc with my packing. I could not focus on anything but where they were and if I needed to quickly replace them, what would I need to buy. After I finally gave up looking (on the morning of our trip), I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to replace some of my precious supplies without breaking the bank.

I grabbed what I could find that was small, a few paint brushes, glue sticks, euphemra, a pad of watercolor paper and some watercolor pencils.  I would make due with what I had (ok, maybe a stop or two to a craft store was in order).

Then it was off to Maryland and Sara & Ryan's wedding. It was a fabulous weekend filled with laughter, love, great food and fun. Spending time with our family is so incredibly special.  We can go for a couple of years without seeing each other, only to be together, sitting around the table, talking and eating like we do this every day.  We have started to call it "the round table" because we have literally spent all day there.  Laughting, sharing stories, reminicing and just being a family.

My niece was radiant, her groom so handsome and an incredible fairy tale wedding, including so much time spent with our wonderful family.