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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Release your inner child, if only for a few moments

There is nothing like playing with new materials to brighten your day.
Or materials that have been sitting in your studio
for so long that you had forgotten you had them.

This morning I took spray paint (the kind for fabric and paper) and various textured sheets of wallpaper samples (the embossed kind), along with cardboard.
I laid out the wallpaper and weighed down the corners so it laid flat, then I using the cardboard to section off "parts not to be sprayed".
Holding the cardboard in one hand and the spray paint in the other hand, I started spraying various sections of the wallpaper.

It created beautiful colors and sharp lines
and was very abstract and cool.
I don't know what I'll do with it next but I have a few ideas.
I might mat it and frame it as is, or staple it on stretcher frames and add embellishments, or paint circles and flowing lines on it.

The possibilities are endless.

The moral of this story?
Don't always think that you have to make a masterpiece,
it stifles the inner child in all of us.

So today, if it's even for a few minutes, get out your stuff and play.
Melt crayons (with an old iron or a mini one from a craft store) on to rocks, or a
Teflon sheets (then quickly stamp in a rubber stamp that has been conditioned first).

Glue an abstract design of plain old string on a wood block. Then roll on paint or stamp pad and stamp a design into various types of paper or fabric.

Just do something fun and quick and believe me, it will be such a stress buster for you, you'll want to spend more time playing.

Just don't let dinner burn, or the clothes sit in the washer for a couple of days.
But by carving out short time spans for yourself to play,
will help release your inner muse
and make you very happy.
Remember if the woman of the house is happy,
then everyone is happy!
Enjoy your day

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