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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Perfect Day to Play

It's a perfect day to play!
17degrees outside, it's a beautiful day with no
snow in the forecast, but lots on the ground.
I went into my hardware supplies and
found washers in various sizes
and decided to see what I could do to
make them into earrings.
I grabbed my "sticky" glue, gold leaf foiling flakes
and set out to make foiled earrings.
I "painted" the sticky glue on one side of the washers,
Let it dry, flipped over and painted the other side as well.
Then I took my gold leaf flakes (available at any craft store)
and put them in a cardboard box (don't use plastic because
the flakes will stick to the plastic) and I grabbed my washers and
coated them on both sides with the gold leaf.
When everything was covered I took a sponge and sponged off any excess
leafing, making the washers nice and smooth.
I coupled the washers together with huge colored jump rings, added
earring findings and Viola! 
I have beautiful new earrings to wear.
It took about 1/2 hour total.
Surely you can find a 1/2 hour today to do something
for yourself.  You will feel wonderful!!!