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Monday, April 13, 2015

                  The Path to Inspirational Jewelry

I love jewelry, plain and simple. I love designing it, creating it, and wearing it. 

I love learning new techniques, I love reading about them, sketching and planning and then incorporating them into my designs.

 I love the way old rusty metals feel in my hand as I turn them  over, imagining what a hammer and torch can do to transform them. .  

I love the way a vintage rosary shimmers in the sunlight, paying homage to those who lovingly prayed with it and I want to continue its healing powers in a new design.   

I love the way found objects can bring me back to my childhood, bring me back to a quieter, less hurried time, always thinking about where in my art, I can incorporate them.  

I love inspirational words, quotes and books, they move me and make me realize how fragile life is and how important it is to look beyond hurt and pain, to life being innately good.  

I love the beach. I am an ocean girl, finding my happiest times listening to the gentle, rhythmic sound of the ocean, whether I am sitting with my toes in the sand or near my ocean sound machine in my studio.  I love water and sun and sand.  I find my most creative thinking is done with one or all of these elements.  

I love the process of creating jewelry, letting pieces speak to me and lead me where the creation should go.  

All of this had brought me to where I am today, living my life and creating inspirational jewelry.   My hope is that my jewelry will inspire you, will give you courage when you need it and bring you happiness and peace.  

This is my love and life, Sixth Floor Designs.