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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Sun will rise on a new day

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in the bottom of a hole
and no matter how hard you tried to get up and out
You couldn't?

That is what life is like sometimes and it is probably the hardest thing
you will ever have to go through
I know that it is supposed to build character and strengthen your faith
and for the most part is does.
But when you fall again and again trying to grab a foothold to
lift yourself out, and you fall once more
You then start to get disillusioned,
forlorn and hopeless.

Have you ever heard the story about the man that fell in a hole
and couldn't climb out?
The first two people to come by tried to help him but failed.
Then the 3rd person to come by was a friend of the man's
and he jumped into the hole with his friend.
The man was shocked and wanted to know
why his friend had jumped in because now they were both stuck.
The friend replied
"I've been here before and I will help you get out of the hole".

No matter how bad things get, there is someone else with bigger problems than you.
No matter how hopeless things seem, there is someone there to help you through.
No matter how much you want to give up, keep pushing.
No matter how half empty the glass looks, it is really half full.

Start each morning thanking God for all that is good in your life.
Do you have a bed to sleep in?
Do you have food in the refrigerator?
Do you have clothes on your back?
Do you have friends and family that loves you?
Then my friend, you are truly blessed.

Every pitfall has a lesson to be learned.
Many times hard times come in clusters like a migraine
But in the end, things will improve
And you will emerge a stronger, smarter and wiser person for it

Your time to blossom will come, just have faith and
an optimistic outlook on life. And keep reminding
yourself how very blessed you are.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nothing better than Flea Markets!

I love new adventures and I've been lucky enough to have a few in the last few weeks. While we are busy painting our new home and trying to sell our old home, I have managed to sneak in a few flea markets and estate sales.
Nothing makes me more excited than finding new spots to go to and searching under tables for that precious jewel that no one wants and I can buy for a dollar or too.

Last week I picked up a beautiful old round table with a little drawer that I thought would make a perfect table for the chairs I'm putting in front of the fireplace. I also found gorgeous pieces of blue glassware in bowls and vases that I just had to have for the windowsill of my kitchen. When the sun shines through on the blues and orange pieces up against the white trim and buttery yellow walls, it makes the room sing.

I also found a few dolls with porcelain parts that I just had to have. I went to buy a doll from a friend of mine and fought with her to pay for it because I felt guilty knowing that I was going to rip the doll apart (gently of course) and use the limbs for art pieces. I totally missed the art doll challenge with Art Is...2009 for July but better late than never, I always say.

The hardest part of going to flea markets is containing my excitement until I bargain with the owners. One must not seem too over zealous or the price goes up. I usually can contain myself for a little while, but once money changing hands, I'm all smiles and giddy from the hunt and find!

Getting back to the furniture, I'm going for a "beachy" theme in the new house and the old wood of the table just wouldn't do so my girlfriend Linda and I spent hours priming a bunch of furniture last week. Then of course, we just had to go and check out the local VOA Thrift shops for more goodies.

Then comes my next dilemma, how to finish the furniture to fit in the room. I scoured websites and looked at all different faux finishes and distressing furniture but nothing really caught my eye.
As most people, I do my best thinking in the shower (don't ask me why) and I decided to go to my local craft store and I bought 2 cans of spray paint, one in an ocean like blue and the other in a soft green (love those 40% off coupons!).
I took the furniture outside and my son Brian and I went to town spray painting the furniture in both of these colors. No rhyme or reason, just swirls and fun. The pieces were bright and beautiful but needed to be toned down a bit so after much thought, I mixed white latex paint with water and dry brushed it on the furniture.

Of course, I have mixed up a huge batch of whitewash and used about a quarter of a cup but it was well worth wasting the extra paint. There is just a bit of the colors coming through and once I take a light sanding to the edges, it is going to be perfect. I'll post pictures soon.

I'm so excited about my flea market finds and turning them into treasures for the new house, I can't even begin to tell you.

So when you're out at estate sales, yard sales and flea markets, don't forget to check under the table for they hold the most wonderful (and cheap) treasures!