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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Morning Ritual

I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE Sunday mornings. Getting up early, coffee and newspaper and laptop in hand. Sitting quietly by the pool and making my ritual TO DO LIST for the week. I have a notebook and divide a page into 3 columns, Monday, Tues, Wed, etc is the first column, followed by the largest column which holds all that I have to do that week, then the little itty bitty third column of meals for the weeks (that one sometimes stays blank.
I fill in my columns, sometimes transferring things on the "To Do" list from last week to this week ( I never seem to get caught up!) and followed by reading the paper.
This is my ritual and I love it. These week is filled with job searching (still), painting the new house (we went with a beachy theme and soft colors) and creating art.
I'm taking a class from Artella and if you have never visited their website, DO IT NOW! Marney is amazing and I have watched her grow her business for years and it is so inspiring. Just google Artella and it will come up.
This week I am concentrating on new samples for Art Is ....2009, a class that I'm teaching on Friday called"Landscape Painting and 3D embellishments. My mind has been swirling for days on new ideas and I'm up to my elbows in paint and fabric and loving every minute.
So, it's time to go, I'm teaching a class today at Studio 34 in Rochester and it's called Memories under Glass, mini colleges sandwiched between thin glass and soldered. It's one of my favorites to teach.
So have a wonderful week and create some art!