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Monday, April 27, 2009

Today, I play

It's 5;00am and I awake to the sounds of birds singing, is spring finally here? The trees are starting to bud and the whole world is opening up to create lush leaves and flowers budding.
I feel a sense of awakening. Spring has always been my favorite season, it's when the earth wakes up after a cold snowy winter (at least in upstate NY where I live) and comes alive with sights and sounds that I love.

So today I will play, maybe not all day but I will pick one project to do and
nurture my creative soul. Because days like this give me a sense of renewal.

Will I play with my new Shiva Paint Sticks and my journal? I got the paint sticks all at 70% off at the college book store where my son attends school, talk about the deal of a century!

I'll let you know tomorrow what I do with them.
Just the act of taking a few hours and playing has me so excited.

I always have projects on hand in pretty tote bags or small containers.
That way you can always just pick up the bag and take it with you wherever you go.

I have a bag with gorgeous lush yarns coupled with knitting needles. I plan on making a prayer shawl (a glorified scarf, only longer). I know how to knit, but I can't remember how to pearl. Maybe someone can teach me but in the meantime I'll just knit.

I have many little pencil cases filled with thin colored wire, bags of gorgeous glass beads in beautiful color combos, and a size 5 crochet hook.
I love to crochet with wire and beads.
It is calming, repetitive and soothing to my soul.
. It's amazing how much you can get done in those few minutes here and there throughout you're day. I have ended up making enough strands for a pendent or bracelet in no time.

So today, carve out some time and come play with me, if in spirit only!
Happy Springtime, and have a glorious day!

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