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Friday, October 28, 2016

Finally, I have a mojo back

Finally, I have my mojo back

 I love jewelry, I live, eat and breath it. 
But for the last couple of years, I had lost my mojo, my muse,
my creativity and my spark.  
I realize now, that it was because I had to be in "survival" mode,
and learn how to live as a single person,
 with many challenges that I have faced and conquered.  
I still loved jewelry but I didn't feel very creative,
 there are nothing left inside of me to give. 
But now that has all changed,
my mojo is back and I cannot get enough!

I find myself dreaming about designs and techniques. 
I love researching various techniques then trying them,
sometimes successful, sometimes not.

 I have a sketchbook with me at all times for the ideas that are starting to
spark my imagination again. 

My designs are plentiful.  
I'm working in metals, patinas, gemstones,
spiritual ephemera and found objects.  
I do love my gemstones and truly believe in their meanings. 
When I wear certain stones, I feel the power of them.
I have recently discovered dark annealed steel wire
and wire wrapping the
gemstones has become an obsession with me. 
The dirtier my hands get, the happier I am. 
The organic look and feel of the wire,
coupled with the natural gemstones is a perfect marriage.

My designs tend to be funky
and not for everyone, but I still follow my muse.

I sometimes fight with myself over the funky designs that probably won't sell
in mainstream America, and designing pieces that are
more traditional and appeal to the masses.
So, for now, I do both.
That is a struggle that will probably continue
to be with me until I can solve the issue.

In the meantime, I am designing and executing pieces
that appeal to a variety of woman. 
My hope is to be able to get my pieces in a forum where they can be sold. 
I'm currently on Etsy and will be posting new pieces over the next
couple of weeks, just in time for the holiday season.

Stay with me as I post various techniques and working through designs. 
I look forward to having my mojo back and sharing with you. 

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