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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a retreat!

The best weekend of my year was over Columbus Day Weekend at Art Is.....2009 in Cromwell, CT. It was the most inviting, loving, welcoming event that I have ever attended, and I've been to a lot of retreats. There was a comaradery that I have never experienced before. It didn't matter where you were or if you were alone or with someone, you made friends as you went. And what fun friends I met!!! And the goodies!!! Well let's just say that every day had a surprise around the corner. The morning started with Journaling with Mrs Pom, which in itself was an experience. I did not have time in the morning to mediate as I usually do, but Mrs. Pom took care of that, it was a wonderful way to open the day and get your creative juices flowing.

The two most wonderful women were in charge and built Art Is....2009 in the last 3 years to an incredible event. They are Ellen and Sal and like no one you have ever met. Before I even got to CT. I felt like I had made two very good friends. Sal & Ellen treated me as if I had been a friend on theirs forever, it was hard not to fall in love with them and their never ending energy. I feel truly blessed to now have them and the rest of the ART Is...2009 family.

I simply cannot wait until 2010, for the Wickedly Good retreat. Make it a point to look into the website and come join us. You will be in the most creative, inspirational weekend of your life!

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